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Miller Dunn #3 Fish Tank Conversion

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Miller Dunn #3 Dive Helmet was converted into a fish tank as a retirement gift for a U.S. NAVY Diver in the 1970’s.

A plate was welded inside the helmet to close it in to hold water. A heater is installed and the glass for the top window has been removed for access to the fish for feeding and cleaning the tank.

The helmet has also been designed and wired with a control stand that has switches to make adjustments to tank conditions.

This helmet was polished and lacquered when it was repurposed and is awesome!

This unique Miller Dunn #3 diving helmet has been converted into a fish tank, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Crafted from brass and dating back to the WWI era, this antique original is a stunning addition to any maritime collection.

The Shallow Water model/style of the helmet, combined with its maker Miller Dunn, adds to its historical significance. While its original purpose was for diving, this helmet now serves as a conversation-starting fish tank. Don’t miss your chance to own this mesmerizing piece of history.