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U.S. Navy WW2 Clap Instruments 10” Brass Pressure Gauge

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This vintage Clap Instruments pressure gauge is a unique piece of history from the United States Navy during World War II. Believed to be salvaged from the Destroyer/ Minelayer USS Adam’s. Made from brass, this 10-inch gauge has been polished to a shine and lacquered for long-lasting protection. The maker, Clap Instruments, was known for producing high-quality gauges and other equipment for the military branch.

The gauge is a great addition to any collection of maritime antiques and is a conversation starter for those interested in the history of the US Navy. This is rare find. The country/region of origin is the United States. This Clap Instruments pressure gauge is perfect for those who appreciate vintage and historical items.

This vintage authentic United States Navy Pressure Gauge Type 1026-2 was manufactured by Clapp Instruments of Webster MA, USA. The pressure range is from 0-4,000PSI, and has one black pointer which indicated PSI and two brown pointers to set a specific operating range for an application. The solid brass housing shows some wear (patina!) but is in decent condition (see photos).

The paint on the dial is in perfect condition and the lettering on the dial is bright and intact. The glass face can be unscrewed to reset the range pointers or to calibrate the instrument. The glass face is 8 1/2 inches across but the wide brass housing take the total diameter to 10 inches. It’s heavy, 11 1/2 lbs.

While the instrument is not labeled USN, it was procured many years ago in a lot purchase during liquidation of inventory of a United States Naval base. I’ve not be able to identify it to a specific ship or ship type, or a specific application. This item has not been recently tested. Has been stored in environmentally controlled stockroom. Making no claim of its ability to be put into service. It would be a great addition to your collection of militaria, nautical items, Steampunk (whatever that is) or on the wall of your office or man cave.